Why Am I Always Getting into The Same Relationships?

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Magda has some serious The Same Relationships behind her and a few less serious ones. Each of them started with a “this is it” attitude. Each of them ended in great disappointment.

“Why do I keep attracting bullies to me? Sooner or later, each of them turns out to be a bastard who humiliates me and humiliates me. I had one exception and I rejected it myself. FlirtWith Now I know I wasn’t ready for Adam back then, but since then I haven’t been able to meet someone like him. I still choose macho men to use me the way they want. I feel like a doll with them. “

Magda is the Essence of Femininity and Beauty.

She can really be a pride of every man, but she is also incredibly brilliant, intelligent, knows 4 languages, graduated from a prestigious school, works in a reputable company in an exposed position and no one would even think of her as a doll. And yet “men use it for their own ends” and then give it up. Magda feels like a passing cup, a trophy that will never find her home. Although she looks extremely attractive and young, she is already 37 years old. The family relentlessly reminds you of the biological clock. She spends more and more time in front of the displays of children’s clothes shops. And what to do here?

until she stopped fighting, children would appear and out of concern for their welfare or lack of prospects or strength to create something new, she would be stuck in a relationship that would give her neither happiness nor fulfillment. A black vision, but so often it becomes our life. The facts are as follows: in her thirty-year-old life, every time (and there were quite a few times, and one exception), Magda encountered men who robbed her of her femininity, used her physically and emotionally, took energy and time. And she chose them herself.

Why Am I Always Getting into The Same Relationships

Is it possible that Magda had a cosmic bad luck and it was a coincidence that another man, but so similar to the previous ones, was on her way? Rather unlikely. That is why it is worth looking at Magda’s life scripts. It was they who unmistakably steered her into the embrace of partners who regularly hurt her and diminished her value.

Let me Start from The Beginning,

From the moment we feel this specific attraction to the other person, butterflies fly in our stomach, we fall in love. Psychologists compare FlirtWith.Com the state of being in love with a mental illness. And rightly so, because who in their right mind would consciously enter into a relationship that limits them, condemns them to constant anxiety and loneliness ?! Nobody theoretically. Practically – most of us are involved in relationships that are far from being satisfying.

And yet we choose partners with whom we find it difficult to communicate. And you could say, “Too bad, I was wrong, it will be better next time.” But why is the next time a copy of the previous one? How does it happend? The answer is fairly simple, though not very simple to accept. Yes, we do have a seismograph for guys of a certain cut. Most often it reflects a relationship pattern, we picked up from our childhood. Because our subconscious mind does not judge, what she saw in the most important social cell, i.e. in the family home, becomes for her the image of the whole world. If your parents did not understand each other – how do you know in the bank that when the hormone game wears off, you will have to deal with the same problem.

Parents have the status of gods in the early stages of their child’s development. EVERYTHING they do is good. If they are arguing, it must be so. They yell at me, I am angry. If they’re getting divorced – oh, I really must be angry! We unconsciously program ourselves with patterns taken over from our parents. And although we consciously run away from them most often, our subconscious will with the same force will implement them in life. Only that as you can see in life, our unconscious choices become our life.

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On the surface, it looks like we are guided by the mind, but with the conflict of mind and emotions, emotions win. Always. Almost always. In Magda’s case, her unconscious patterns spoke of her father, who was submissive to her mother all his life. They also talked about the mother who was unhappy to take on the role of the head of the family. She want it, but she felt that if she did not take care of the house with an iron hand, that house would not be there. Condemned herself to be a victim of her own choice. He was a beautiful woman. Who had sold her femininity on the altar of sacrifice. This is a sad and common truth.

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