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To answer the unending uncertainty about men’s (and more correctly Bangalore men’s) physical preferences and what they genuinely perceive to be women’s most desirable features, we have decided to undertake a survey and settle the argument once and for all. We examined Escort service Bangalore top searches across nationalities, hair colours, breast size, height, age, prices and services to build Bangalore’s perfect escort and here are the findings.


In terms of nations, Bangalore guys actually do appear to be fairly patriotic in their selections, liking fellow Bangalore lasses and their RUSSIAN Call girls Bangalore counterparts in the top 1 & 2 places respectively. However, the following three places demonstrate a stunning difference with:

  2. Japanese
  3. Brazilian …

prostitutes complete our top five nationalities list, demonstrating a wonderful balance and quite a bit of variation.we’re sure there’s a fair portion of Bangalore guys for whom a night with one of these beauties would be a dream “cum” true.

Hair colour

Next on our list is the hair colour and considering the nationality preferences, the top three are actually not unexpected. We have:

  1. BLACK
  3. Brunette

Keeping in accordance with the more conventional preferences, with red, grey and no hair at the bottom of this list. Here we can start to see a little bit of a pattern and our model escort is starting to take form.

 Breast size

Now for arguably the most fascinating element, the breast size. In this category escorts Bangalore males have offered the more typical replies, with the great majority in support of the: EE, F, E, FF ,G cup sizes. So, in this instance, the larger the better certainly appears the way to go for males in Bangalore, which really isn’t unexpected if you consider the prior rankings and categories. A major or the more stereotypical body type of a cheap escorts in Bangalore lady is normally the more petite,black/ brown hair with luscious curves and a hint of sass. Or if we look at it from a more feminist aspect, the present-day beauty standards and unrealistic body ideals in popular media and notably pornography, have undoubtedly also had a crucial effect in influencing contemporary men’s choices.

As far as height, these figures assist to reaffirm the desire for the more typical Bangalore body type which encourages pettiness, with over 60% of males asking the services of the shorter escorts between 5’ 5” tall


Okay, but what about age? As you may undoubtedly assume, most men prefer women on the younger side and that was certainly the outcome of our research. More than 50% of Escort in Bangalore users prefer ladies between the ages of 18 and 25. If you think about it, for most guys, particularly somewhat older men, having sex with a young attractive lady may transport them back to the period of their own youthful prime. It enables them to recall their golden days and indulge in a little bit of sexual nostalgia.


It comes as no surprise that like every other individual, regardless of age, gender, colour or circumstance, the men of Bangalore adore a good deal. That’s why when it comes to rates and fees, the lowest ones grab the crown:

  1. minimal = Rs 2000 TO Rs-5000
  2. Median = Rs 6000 TO Rs 9000
  3. Expert = Rs 10000 TO Rs 20000
  4. Excellent = Rs 21000 TO Rs 30000

 Service preferences

Now the most intriguing element are the service preferences, or the favourite, most sought after sexual encounters. Let’s run them down:


Anal receiving.


OWO (Oral without condom)

CIM (Cum in mouth)

French kissing

Rimming giving

Webcam sex

GFE (girlfriend experience)


Anal giving



In Bangalore, guys cherish a bit more of a connection and romanticism, as much as some good, nasty sex…which there’s plenty of on this list. Anal giving, receiving and rimming are not at all shocking, the once-forbidden sexual contact has grown more popular than ever.


Throughout history, or more properly in the more conservative communities and cultures, the male orgasm depended almost completely on penis and testicle stimulation which may get rather monotonous and worn out, particularly to the more sexually adventurous kinds.


No condom oral, cum in mouth, and facials seem relatively conventional as far as male fantasies go, but the other fascinating inclusion is number 10’s squirting. Again, it’s pleasant to see guys especially turned on by feminine pleasure and seeking women in Bangalore it out so earnestly.



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