You yourself may not realize A Foreigner how much the beliefs that have been established in your mind prevent you from arranging your personal life.

Other Countries – Other Views

If you are reading this article, it means that you have entered the international dating site fernliebe because you want to meet a foreigner. Foreigners have a different mentality, a different outlook on life and relationships. This simple fact must be accepted and, based on this, build your communication with foreign men. Foreigners have grown up and live in a different economic, social and cultural environment.

Therefore, the way in which men in your country react to various life situations does not necessarily have to be extended to foreigners. Go beyond the patterns of your usual behavior (we are considering the stereotype of the behavior of a Slavic woman when meeting a man: emphasized coldness, ostentatious disinterest, reticence, expectation of “grand gestures” from a fan), open up to a new look at the world and relationships. It will be easier for you to make acquaintance with a foreigner if you do not deny a different worldview, different mentality.

We are all different and this makes the world beautiful. Absolutely correct worldview or mentality simply does not exist. But, there is a mentality that suits you, a worldview that you prefer to adhere to.


Following Stereotypes

Rethink your manner of meeting and communicating with a foreigner, to what extent is the way you build acquaintance with a foreigner dictated to you by the society in which you grew up and live? Having opened the profile of a man you are interested in, do you have any doubts? For example, is it indecent for a woman to show interest and write first? YourChristianDate Yes? Then ask yourself, who will judge you? The “judges” who are leading the process about the “obscenity” of your behavior, pass the verdict, being solely in your head …


Fear of opening up to another person and being deceive. Of other people’s opinions. Fear of seeming ridiculous, ridiculous, being ridiculed by another person. There are many reasons to feel insecure and afraid of something. However, what you really must be afraid of is missing the chance to change your life for the better and instead review of meeting your man and being happy, spend the rest of your life doubting and fearing. Try to weigh your doubts and fears against opportunities that you may miss.


Unconsciousness of Actions – A Foreigner

Create a profile on an international dating site you do not have a plan of action. You take a step without thinking why you are doing it, what consequences, what effect this step has. This means:

  • You do not think about what photos you add to your profile;
  • Do not consider the letters you write to a man;
  • You have no idea what you will do if you really meet a worthy candidate.


Laziness – A Foreigner

Too lazy to go every day to an international dating site and check your mail, to correspond with a foreigner, too lazy to answer a man’s letters in detail, too lazy to ask him questions, too lazy to clean up for a video call, too lazy to take attractive photos for your profile on a dating site with foreigners , too lazy to actively participate in planning a meeting, to offer its alternatives … Laziness, laziness, laziness and excuses, they say, I still don’t … And there is only one reason: unwillingness to leave.

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The comfort zone, change the establish course of one’s life unwillingness to make an effort. After all, “in love affairs, everything should work out by itself, specially arrange your personal life through dating sites – this is for losers, and my man will find me himself …In the meantime, years pass. And the betroth. Get lost somewhere … Because this is the wrong train of thought, leading to loneliness and stagnation (the usual course of life does not suit, depresses and at the same time does not give strength for decisive action, get up with a comfortable furnace and break out of the vicious circle of a hated routine).

All this leads to inaction! You yourself create boundaries for yourself that prevent you from arranging your personal life.

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