Looking for… A New Relationship!

As time progresses and people grow older, a new relationship the issue of companionship becomes more prominent in the mind of both the person himself and his social environment. This fact comes both from the natural evolution of life which foresees the pairing of humans for the creation of offspring, the need of the individual to communicate, share and be loved as well as the avoidance of loneliness. LetmeDate The lack of a partner is especially felt when peers begin to create their own families, reflecting on the individual his own failure in the pursuit of love. At the same time, relatives wonder what is happening and this person does not enter into relationships.

A New Relationship

There are not a few times when our Institute’s phone rings and on the other end of the line is a parent anxious to know if it is normal that their child (30-35 years old) has never had a relationship. Also, many come to the office asking to be involved in a relationship. Their burning question is “why can’t I find a partner?” and the answer to this is of course not something that can be immediately given by the expert, nor is the matter so simple. So what is it that makes people lonely?

When someone has not been able to create and develop a significant romantic relationship in their life, the first question that arises is whether they have a desire for companionship. That is, is there a real desire for a partner or are there other factors that demonstrate this dimension of his life as a weakness? Since getting involved in a romantic relationship is about one’s own inner needs and motivations, then the next thing we have to think about are the factors that have so far prevented them from fulfilling their desires.

Looking for... a new relationship!

The first stage of this investigation concerns whether the person is psychologically ready to enter into a relationship. In this day and age, it is known that many young people are trapped in financial dependence on their parents, without being given the opportunity to take life into their own hands, take on the responsibilities they have as adults and mature. On the other hand, LetmeDate.com we see that social media has cultivated the self-admiration of the individual to a degree that borders on narcissism. Therefore, emotional immaturity and self-worship leave no room for a potential “we” to develop. The conditions that the potential partner must fulfill are specific and those who deviate from them are automatically rejected as “incompatible” and at the first difficulty the attempt stops.

The Second Stage Involves Assertiveness and Behavior

The man’s behavior in question is influenced by many factors such as previous rejection experiences when trying to flirt, stereotypes around “who should make the first move”, low self-esteem, general negative thoughts about his ability to get partner, traumatic experiences of abandonment in his childhood.

In addition, the sexual dysfunction in the individual plays an important part in the lack of assertive behavior. The resulting psychological problems act as inhibiting factors in the search for a partner, with fear of rejection and anxiety of inadequacy dominating. For these reasons, many people, although they verbalize their need for emotional attachment and contact with another person, they do nothing to obtain it. They stay at home in front of their TV and computer, they don’t socialize with others outside their immediate environment, they don’t expand their social circle, they don’t make acquaintances.

Looking for... a new relationship!

A natural consequence of this is that the chances of finding a partner decrease dramatically.

Essentially and more simply they learn to live alone and get comfortable in their solitude which they seem to like… A natural consequence of this is that the chances of finding a partner decrease dramatically. Essentially and more simply they learn to live alone and get comfortable in their solitude which they seem to like… A natural consequence of this is that the chances of finding a partner decrease dramatically. Essentially and more simply they learn to live alone and get comfortable in their solitude which they seem to like…

The third stage is about how the person approaches potential partners and what they want to get out of them. When the deepest desire is to enter into a relationship. He must ask himself if the way he approaches. The potential partner is commensurate. The insecurity and anxiety to secure the condition of the relationship. As a given suffocates the other person and reacts convulsively causing discomfort and fear. Resulting in the other person eventually leaving with various excuses! And yet, probably this relationship would have continue. If there were not the tension and the need for confirmation “now that I have found you, you must guarantee me your presence and that you will not do it!”. Essentially, this is how the acquaintance begins doomed to death. Because impatience and haste kill it. This unfortunately works iteratively,

Love – A New Relationship

This vicious cycle does not leave room for a new relationship to develop. Where one will live through the other its fullness and duration. As long as it goes, without introducing limits and conditions that ultimately destroy it.

At the same time, sex is a dominant part of the relationship of two people. Whose attraction knows them and their fantasy travels. While the feeling has not yet opened its door. So, sex is the first part of a new situation between two people, for whom. The continuation of the play gives new roles. That will now dominate the course or the closing of this adventure.

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Many believe that sex is more needed by the man. Who demands it and takes it for granted in the new acquaintance, while. The woman feels more vulnerable and obliged to keep him to give it to her “prospective” tomorrow partner. Of course, this can also have the opposite effect. Since today women are more easily and quickly involved in sex, and even feels. That the man is shying away or avoiding sexual contact, making. The relationship seem more friendly than romantic. Moreover, the relationship between the two sexes has change so much. That all scenarios play out and often end up ingloriously in front of the “great lover”, called the computer.

What we all need to understand is that the claim in. The game of love and flirting is our choice and no partner falls like manna from. The sky if we are not the first to actively seek him..

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