How to Make a Holiday Love Live Once You Get Home

We always imagine them ephemeral and light. But How to Make a Holiday romances can turn into real love stories. When feelings get involved for good, then the question is: how do you keep that holiday love alive once you’re back home?

Nostalgia sequence

Ah, how good you were both, cuddling lying on the hot sand of the Côte d’Azur, in a postcard setting! And yes, but that was before. Now, slumped on your couch after work, you feed on all those lovely holiday memories every day.

You wonder what the rest of the story is with Florian/Emilie, who still lives 600 kilometers from your home. Because in fact, you realized that you missed him/her, that it was mutual and that it could stick between you. So you would like to extend the dream, at least until this winter, and more SharekAlomre  if you like.

We keep in touch

To bring this holiday love to life with Florian/Emilie, there is no secret, you have to hang on! Keep the flame alive by keeping in touch in any way possible. Call him/her, send him/her photos, links and sexts , rekindle your romantic memories, and talk about your desires to find him/her. Without making ten tons either of course, because that could scare him.

We move

To see him/her again for the first time, you could schedule a visit to his region. It would allow you to visit him to measure his level of motivation towards you and to verify that it can do it. If he/she is thrilled that you’re coming, you’re good to go. If everything goes the way you want, you’re going to have some crazy times again and he/she might want to play extra time with you!

How to Make a Holiday Love Live Once You Get Home

We do projects together

Did you make Florian/Emilie want to see you regularly and start a real love story ? Well done ! Now is the time to set new appointments for the near future. This month, you will SharekAlomre.Com spend a weekend with him/her, and the following month, he/she will come to visit you. You are with him/her for a short time, so make the most of it, be cool and leave all your worries and questions aside.

We put that back – How to Make a Holiday

Who knows, if this story lasts until winter, then you can go on vacation in the sun together. And kiss you under a coconut tree to celebrate, in Hakuna Matata mode as when you met. That’s all we wish you!

It’s Sunday and you’re single? Here are some ideas of places where you could totally flirt on this day off. Just to make your weekend profitable…

In parks and gardens

It is a valid proposal from spring of course. When people start going out to the parks with their legs out, it’s time to go see what’s going on. There are always a few singles who come to read or “chill” on their own .

An idea for a catchphrase: “May I know what you are reading that is so exciting that you seem so engrossed? “.

At shows and fairs – How to Make a Holiday

There will always be a lot of people at these kinds of events, which usually take place on weekends. Whether it’s a decoration, wine or well-being fair, or your city’s annual fair, these are places with great potential for flirting and meeting people!

A catchphrase idea: “I strongly recommend that you taste it. That’s what I did earlier and I was not disappointed.

In a train

On Sunday evening , people return from the weekend, and therefore the stations and trains are far from depopulated. If you’ve spotted a hottie in your car, why not sit down next to him and have a nice chat?

An idea for a catchphrase: “Are there always people like that on this train? »

At the gym – How to Make a Holiday

Gyms are great places to meet people who are into it. Between a body pump class and an elliptical trainer session, there will be opportunities to approach a girl or a guy you have already spotted on previous Sundays.

An idea for a catchphrase: “You have nice sneakers, you know. (Yes, there exceptionally for this sentence, we use familiarity because it’s more stylish)

At Mass

No, it’s a joke (not very Catholic).

Have a brunch – How to Make a Holiday

Why not flirt at brunch, provided you don’t do it with your mouth full, of course. If you bother to look up from your tea-croissant-ham-cheese, maybe you’ll see you have a ticket with someone at the next table.

An idea for a catchphrase: “I’m downright jealous of your plate”.


About Meetic – How to Make a Holiday

And yes, you don’t necessarily need to go out to flirt on Sundays , there is also Meetic! It is a safe bet, which will allow you to approach other singles without fear and without reproach. In this case, we leave you to your imagination, which is undoubtedly very fertile!

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