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Once the number of a crush How to Flirt has been obtained, seducing him on the phone can be quite an art. The following advice is aimed more at men than at women, given that they are much more often in the position of plaintiffs, it must be recognized. Even if good, they can also be valid for enterprising women!

Why call?

You managed to get the number of this girl met in the evening, it seems that the hardest part is done. But in fact no, now is not the time to rest on your laurels! Having a woman’s number does not guarantee that you will end up with it, otherwise it would be known. It is now necessary to flirt and seduce her by telephone , in order to obtain an appointment.

Why pick up his phone? Because calling is better than texting . This way, you renew your interest in your target and prove that you really want to see her again. At the same time, it allows DilMil you to check if this interest is really mutual, and possibly to amplify it. You will therefore be able to understand his emotional state towards you, which is not possible by SMS.

Prepare to call – How to Flirt

Don’t jump on your phone the minute the girl gives you her number. You risk passing for a crevard who has been single since 1783 and who can’t take it anymore. Two or three days later is perfect, preferably on a weekday evening. Avoid weekends, which are supposed to be a time of intense social life for everyone.

Another very important point concerning the circumstances. Make this call at a time when you are in a positive state of mind and in the mood to take on the world! Especially not on the day when bad news was announced to you and when to top it off, your cat sagouine scratched you.

Finally, it is well known, women fall more for deep, sensual and playful voices. To prepare yourself as well as possible, you have the right to train yourself to take your sexiest voice!

How to Flirt and Seduce On The Phone  AfricanDate 2022

How to handle the call? – How to Flirt

You can make a short first call. It will simply be a question of greeting her and taking her news in a relaxed way. At the end of this short conversation, you will end, for example, DilMil.Co with: “Ok very good. I just wanted to say hello to you. I will leave you. See you soon ! “.

The second call, which you will make several days later, will take longer. You can always prepare a catchphrase and two or three questions ready in case of blank. But if the feeling passes between you, everything should normally flow from source.

Make her talk a little about herself and listen carefully to everything she tells you, because that’s the least you can do. About yourself, talk about yourself, but not too much either. There needs to be a bit of mystery and no unnecessary chatter at the start. But at the same time, knowing a little about you will give her confidence.

If you feel good, you can at the end of the conversation try to get a first date. Since that’s still the purpose of this flirt on the phone !

You met a single person to your liking at a birthday party, at the gym or on Meetic. You would do well at least your four hours and you wonder if it is reciprocated. There are a few unmistakable signs that mean he/she wants to have sex with you .

A look of fire – How to Flirt

You are facing your new target and he/she is staring at you. He/she looks at you stupidly, smiling and his/her eyelids dilate. Even when you look away, it remains fixed on you, as if fascinated, even on your lips. When you are in front of him/her, you feel his eyes glued to your buttocks. No doubt, he/she wants you! If he’s a shy person, maybe he’ll look at you more modestly, giving you shy little smiles from time to time.

Expressive body language

Pay attention to your crush’s body language, because you could detect his sexual desire for you. If he noticeably reduces the distance between you each time you talk to each other, that’s a good sign. Certain signs, such as the fact that he/she leans towards you, puts a hand on your knee, touches your waist, are very eloquent. If he/she goes so far as to dare to touch you, by placing a hand on your knee or by touching your waist, for example, it smells like sex ! Unless he is very tactile with everyone, his little touches mean that he/she wants you .

Explicit lyrics – How to Flirt

If he/she compliments you on your looks, that’s a very good sign. A “You’re beautiful” from a man or a “You’re cute” from a woman mean that he/she finds you desirable.

Another story. When you start a conversation in private, he/she often uses terms with strong sexual connotations and makes erotic allusions. Unless it’s a ribald person who jokes like that with everyone, it says a lot about his intentions.

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It’s your turn – How to Flirt

Have you come across someone withdrawn, whose body language is not very explicit? To find out if he / she wants to make love with you , use all these means yourself. Maintain eye contact, speak in a low voice, dare to touch him/her, put words to your desire , make slow and sensual gestures, and see what happens. If he/she is receptive to your signals, this affair could well end in bed!

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