Fix Our Relationship – Without Breaking Up With Him Completely

Are you at a point in your relationship where things seem beyond repair? But you are still optimistic about patching things together? Have you thought to yourself: I can still fix our relationship – without breaking up with him? Unless he decides it’s over between the two of you, there are some things you could work datinggrp review on in trying to give your love and relationship a second chance.

What Went Wrong

When trying to bring back the spark in your relationship. It is important for you to address the problem that started it all. There is no use in pointing fingers and blaming each other about who is at fault; what you need to do about the problem on how to fix our relationship – without breaking up with him, is to know where things went wrong.

It is useless going back to the past and counting his mistakes, this usually is a formula of dismantling a relationship. This is where the aspect of communication becomes a key in restoring the things that used to be. No matter how painful or uncomfortable things may be when talked about. You have to be brave and step up in addressing these issues.

Paying Attention to Details

One problem women are guilty of is the fact that they see no fault in how they handle the relationship. There are some things you have to be aware of that might have affected the feelings of intimacy in the past. Are there some instances where you might have hurt his feelings or ego? Men usually will not talk about these things so it takes a keen eye and a good understanding of your partner from a dating group to know the things that turn him off.

Learn to really listen to your partner; unlike women, men usually try to brush off situations where they have been humiliated or felt unimportant. Women assume that things are okay because their partner doesn’t open up about it. Notice the reactions he gives whenever you are together. Does he seem uneasy when he is around your friends? That’s one way for a man to express himself.

On the flip side of things, women also place too much blame on themselves for a failed relationship. If you know in your heart that you have done all that you can in maintaining a good relationship, and he still is being unresponsive and uncooperative to you, then you should ask yourself if this relationship from  is really worth pursuing. Don’t beat yourself up for a dying cause.

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Let Him Know – Fix Our Relationship

In this case, the best thing to do is let him know that you want to keep the relationship with him. Talk to him in a way that lets him know he is important to you and you want to maintain the intimacy between the two of you. Don’t go down the route of nagging and asking him to reciprocate, this will just make things worse. Let him know he is worth fighting for; chances are he will start to see things differently and keep his end of the bargain.

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