12 Fun Hobbies for Couples to Enjoy Together

Finding a hobby as an adult usually goes one Couples to Enjoy Together of two ways: Either you have a life-long hobby that you’ve stuck with, or you can’t seem to find one that sticks at all. Even then, it can be hard to make time for hobbies when life, work, and family are on your plate, too.

And finding fun hobbies for couples? That can be even more difficult. Not only do you have to find the time for an activity that you can go back to week after week and month after month, but you also have to find an activity that both of you truly enjoy—and that enjoy doing together, too. Reading is a great example of a hobby that you and your partner might love separately, but don’t necessarily want to do together—maybe Lovinga you enjoy different genres, or you go at different paces.

This is why it’s sometimes best to find a hobby that’s something totally and completely new to both of you. That way, if there’s a learning curve, it exists for both of you and you can learn together rather than feeling left out at any given point. As conscious relationships expert Coltrane Lord explains, “Fun hobbies to do together should challenge growth for each person and allow their relationship to evolve in more expansive and deeper ways,” Lord says. “Learning to do something new and participate in new hobbies together are great ways to ignite more passion and create deeper bonds.”


Volunteering together can be impactful for a few different reasons. First, it can force you and your partner to discuss which causes are most important to you. Second, it can bring the two of you closer through a shared experience. And third, and most importantly, it can benefit your community and those in need. It doesn’t have to be boring, either. If you both love animals, you can walk dogs at a local shelter. If you both are passionate about art, you could volunteer to teach free art classes to local students.

“Volunteering for the greater good with an organization that appeals to you both is soul-satisfying,” Lord explains. “You will both have a shared sense of service that not only helps others but offers you the opportunity for gratitude and compassion.”

12 Fun Hobbies for Couples to Enjoy Together 2022

Physical Activity – Couples to Enjoy Together

Even if you and your partner both love to exercise, you probably aren’t working out together every day. Maybe your partner loves running while you prefer spinning, or weight-lifting. Translating this love of physical activity into a new, shared hobby is a great idea in Lovinga.Com this case. Consider golfing, surfing, hiking, tennis, biking, or any other activity that’s new to both of you.

“Physical activity heightens the endorphins and you will be more likely to release stress from the physical activity you choose, instead of each other,” Lord says.

Something Artistic – Couples to Enjoy Together

For most of us who aren’t professional artists but still love to Couples to Enjoy Together paint, draw or doodle in our spare time, finding time to be artistic can be difficult. Most of us don’t have time for arts and crafts in our busy everyday lives, but it’s easier to make time for them if it’s a hobby you share with your partner. The experience can also be more beneficial to your connection than you might realize.

“Painting, sculpting, photography, learning to play music, or reading each other poetry is sexy and adds variety to your life,” Lord says. “You can be each other’s muses and see what kind of masterpieces you come up with.”

Meditation – Couples to Enjoy Together

Odds are you probably have two reactions to the idea of meditating with your partner: “Well, that sounds like a relaxing hobby!” or “Um, how is that supposed to be fun?” But the practice can be more impactful than you might think, according to Lord. “This activity not only relieves stress and creates peace within, but you will also bond at the spiritual level,” Lord says.

Maybe you could try meditation, yoga, and drinking tea Couples to Enjoy Together together once a week. A hobby that benefits your mental health is always a win, even if it isn’t the most exciting activity in the world on paper.

Journaling – Couples to Enjoy Together

Journaling as a couple can be a hobby that you will grow to appreciate for years to come. Perhaps you and your partner can sit down once a week with a glass of wine or cup of coffee and write one page each about the last week of your lives together. Maybe you hit a major milestone in your life together or celebrated a big anniversary. Maybe you overcame something difficult or went on a fun trip together. Whatever you’re going through as a couple, getting into the habit of jotting it down each week is a wonderful way to stay connected and thoughtful about your life together. Plus, you’ll have a special memento to look back on years later.

Travel (Even Just In Your Own Neighborhood!)

Traveling right now looks a lot different than it did, Couples to Enjoy Together but prioritizing discovery and new adventures in your relationship doesn’t have to change. Odds are there are still parts of your city, town, or state that you can explore if you make a point to do it.

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“Traveling to new places and experiences new things is a great way to add dimension and texture to your life and relationship,” Lord says. “The challenges help you grow, while the diversity helps you to evolve as a couple.

Try making a point to visit a new neighborhood in your city every month, or driving on a mini road trip to a local tourist attraction every once in a while. You’ll learn more about your community and, more importantly, each other.

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