5 Ridiculous Misconceptions About Love

Misconceptions About Love seems to mean different things to different people. Many books have been written on the subject. The radio hosts will have specials on it and there is even a recognized day for lovers to express their love for the object of their affection. I don’t read many articles about love written by men. But I believe I can write from a man’s perspective about what it is and what it’s not. Love, such a strong emotion, the personal attachment and affection that we have towards the object of our affection.

Many people are willing to die for it. Others believe they can buy it and many more think they can influence someone into loving them. Here is what I believe to be some misconceptions about love. I hear it so often in casual conversations and sometimes from people who just want to ask my opinion.

One can survey ten or more people about this thing we call love and you will get ten variations of an answer. Many women will say and complain that men (or their man) will not share their YourLoveMeet.com feelings. A short survey among five women with like responses when asked “Who is more likely to try to influence or gain the love of another? Men or Women? All the women responded women are more than like to do things to gain the affection of the man they are interested in. Men simply will not or do not express how they feel or will they show their true intentions.

This was not an exhaustive survey of course. But it does shed some light on why my five misconception deal with women. They’re Here are some things that I believe are misconceptions about this thing called love.

1. I can make him love me.

Many people will set themself up for failure in a relationship by entertaining. The notion they have the power to make someone love them. Nothing beats the natural attraction that a man has for a woman and. What a woman has for a man. When you try to manufacture an emotion like love or a spark of interest. You will have to keep “that thing” going to keep up. That level of interest or you will have to escalate to more activities to attract. For instance, if you attract a mate with your best assets (hips, thighs, and big round eyes). And the object of your want falls in love with you. Are they in love with you or the assets you put on display?

If you try to manufacture the emotion of love with your intellect. What happens when you fail to impress the object of your desire with your intellect? It seems that no one has the time to present their real self out of fear of being rejected. Look at the things that we do to manufacture a love response. Is that what you want someone to love you for?

2. If I give him or her a night to remember, they will fall in love with me.

Sure, you can give him or her the night of their life with the hope they will love you. But will it be you they are interested in” Or the things you did in the bedroom? Let’s face the reality of the matter. Having the night of your life with someone will not make them like you. If they tell you they like you. Their definition of love is suspect and maybe yours is too.

3. It’s my fault, my mate yells at me and even hits me sometimes, but I know that he loves me. – Misconceptions About Love

Nothing is further from the truth. When you love someone. It will bother you to see them in pain or fear. When you like someone, you protect them from danger. You reassure them in challenging and fearful times, you don’t want them sad, you will do everything you can to please the object of your affection. That is what real love will do, this is when love ceases to be a noun and becomes a verb.

4. The person in my life tells me, “I Love You” everyday, doesn’t that mean they do? – Misconceptions About Love

Simply asking this question indicates you doubt the sincerity or the lack thereof in those words. Would you rather someone show it? Or say “I Like you” and you’re not sure if they mean it. Saying “I Like You ” everyday means little. Especially if the actions do not follow the words. Maybe the reason you need to hear it everyday is you not convinced yourself and you want the one who claims their love for you to show it. Some women claim they need to hear the words “I Like You” every day, I’d rather have the proof than repetitive words with no action

5. He brings me gifts all the time, doesn’t that mean he loves me?

Thinking about you and loving you are two different things. You might enjoy the receiving of gifts, but gifts don’t necessarily show love. When the ability to bear gifts fades, what is it this person does that indicates their love for you? You should be able to recognize traits and actions other than the sex and the gifts that will show someone’s love for you.

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Love from is what you have left when the money tree is not as green when your bathroom scale tells the truth and you are you’re still content with the one you decided on spending your life with. If you tell the one you date “I Like You” and they are moved by your gesture or words with surprise, maybe you haven’t been consistent in showing it; however, when you say, ” I Like You” and they respond. I Know, that tells me that your words have truly matched your actions. The experience of a relationship with another should go far beyond words and gifts. Love will be there when you fall when you gain weight and when you lose your job. Love will listen and try to understand and will want to work things out.

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