4 Ways to Say I Love You to Him on Thanksgiving Day

Ways to Say I Love You to Him – Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner and you have anxiously waiting for the day. You would like to have a sweet and romantic Thanksgiving Day with him and he said yes. You decide to take out all your tenderness and affections to show your gratitude for the sweet days he had given you in the past years. Here are some clever tips from the dating website LetmeDate.com to tell those guys how much you care about them.

1. Write a Note

According to a recent U.S. survey in California, 64% of the polled guys say “the most appreciated gift from their beloved would be a note in the handwriting.” Really, the love note ranks high in your partner’s warmest-things list. If you are really not good at writing or expressing, just write several words like “Thank you for…” or “I admire you for…” and then put the note into his pocket or beside his pillow.

2. Make Dinner – Ways to Say I Love You to Him

It is said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. It is true that everybody welcomes a great taste sensation. Don’t misunderstand. I don’t mean that your date should eat the love note. I am merely suggesting that making a Turkey Day Dinner for your guy is a perfect way to express your love. Don’t have experience? Just start the preparation now. Download some recipes, buy a bottle of good wine and create a perfect plan, then you have a 99.9% success ratio to bring him a fantastic dinner. Even if the 0.1% failure comes, unfortunately, just take it easy, he won’t blame you.

3. Give a Massage

Usually, an enjoyable massage will make the communication and understanding between you two better and deeper. It is said that you can use your fingertips and let your love from dance with a massage. It is sure to be one of the sweetest sensual moments you can share with him. Be confident with your hands and what you are doing. This is one of your best gifts to your man – let it show. Just let your heart be the guide and make your instincts control your fingers.

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4. Buy yourself a collection of sexy lingerie – Say I Love You

As Greg Behrendt, the consultant of Sex and the City said “If I like you, I kiss you. And then I think about what you look like in and out of your underwear. I’m a guy. That’s how it works. No ifs, no hands, and clearly no buts.” Yes! No doubt the sexy lingerie is the second powerful weapon to spicy your love life. Then what is the most powerful? Of course the charm in yourself!

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